We’ve Improved Our Treatment Outcomes

We’ve Improved Our Treatment Outcomes

2017 has been an amazing year at NeuroTherapy and Trauma Center of Utah!

We’ve had lots of growth and changes, and we have been able to provide more targeted, brain-based treatment with better outcomes for our clients.

  • One of the major successes of the year is that we’ve been able to implement some of Dr. Daniel Amen’s assessment processes and techniques. Using his intensive questionnaires and his knowledge of neuroscience, we can provide improved interventions for people with depressionanxiety and ADHD.
  • We have nearly completed our certification with Dr. Amen and will soon become an affiliate partner.
  • We have also been offering more holistic treatment (treatment for the whole body). With Dr. Amen’s help we now can recommend specific supplements for different mental health disorders.
  • Earlier in the year we upgraded our neurofeedback assessment equipment. We now offer full 19-channel Quantitative EEG (QEEG) assessments, or brain scans. As a result, we’ve increased our effectiveness in treating the precise areas of the brain that have an imbalance with neuron communications.

What all this means for you is that we don’t have to guess which part of the brain is causing specific symptoms. There are multiple types of depression, anxiety and ADHD, and they should not be treated in the same way; it’s very important for us to know the precise location in the brain that needs brain training.

Our clients are seeing amazing results because of our precise assessment tools.

We are seeing our treatment outcomes become more successful than ever before!

We are thankful to our community for making it a wonderful year!

It’s exciting to see clients be able to decrease or eliminate unwanted medications, to see children able to get better grades in school and to hear parents rave about having more peace and calm in their home because of our work together.

We expect that 2018 will be even better. We look forward to completing our sensory integration room, getting more therapists certified in EMDR training and seeing increasingly successful outcomes for clients with neurofeedback trauma-focused therapy. And we will continue to give back to our community with free workshops.

Have a great holiday, and we hope that your new year is life changing.

Jeff Bright, LCSW, BCN
Founder and Managing Partner
NeuroTherapy and Trauma Center of Utah (Clinton, UT)