Email & Messaging Therapy

Get a little anxious thinking about talking face to face with a therapist? No problem! Receive professional support starting today in the comfort of your home, office, basically anywhere through emails and secure messaging. Anxiety, depression, and relationship problems occur anytime…now you do not have to wait until your next scheduled appointment to talk with a mental health professional. Create your online account and get help right away! We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your online request.

Emotions don’t wait for your next scheduled in-office appointment. Why wait? Receive help from a local Utah therapist who understands your needs and your community. Our mental health professionals provide support through secure text messaging and emails. We provide flexible options to meet your needs.

How Online Therapy works (7 Easy Steps)


Create your online
client profile


Confirm therapy goals
with your therapist


Confirm therapy goals with
your therapist


Submit online
secure payment


Start engaging with your therapist through
text messaging and/or emails


Receive and view messages, emails,
and/or videos from your therapist


Work on suggested tasks and write back
to your therapist

Unlimited Text Messaging

You can send as many messages to your therapist as you would like throughout the day, night, and week. Need to get something off your chest? No problem, send your therapist a message. Any time! Can’t sleep? Is your mind wandering? No problem, send a message to your therapist and notice your mind and body becoming more relaxed already. Your therapist will login to your secure client portal 2-3 times per day to review and respond to your messages. Your therapists will provide support, encouragement, and advice everyday. Your therapist will also suggest a daily task to work on to help you toward achieving your therapy goals.

Weekly Email(s)

You can send as many messages or emails to your therapist throughout the week, anytime. Emotions and thoughts are complex and you may need time and space to express yourself openly. Take as much time as you want. Your therapist will review your secure messages and emails throughout the week and formulate a thoughtful and helpful email to support you along your journey. Your individualized email will be at least 3-4 paragraphs of insightful information and advice to address your therapy goals. You can select to receive 1 or 2 emails from your therapist during the week. Your therapist will suggest a weekly task to work on and check-in with you to see how you have progressed with meeting your therapy goals.