Community Webinars for Parents and Teens

We have placed Webinars on hold because of COVID-19. Check back for our next Webinar

Join Jeff Bright, LCSW, BCN, for our next community webinar. More information is coming soon.

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Supporting parents who support children with behavioral and/or mental health problems

Raising a child with behavioral and/or mental health problems is a tough job. There is a stigma in our community that if your child has behavioral or mental health problems, it must come from poor parenting. That simply is not true. The greatest parents can have children who struggle with family/peer relationships or who have unpleasant behaviors (nicely put). Our events are for parents (with children of any age, not just teens) who experience frequent burnout of working with and supporting their children. Join us for peer and professional support.

Our Webinars

Our workshops and webinars are held online and open to everyone.  Each month we focus on a specific topic and provide support by teaching skills and techniques. Topics include parenting skills for those with teens who have emotional or behavioral challenges, depression relief, emotional control, anger management, and techniques to reduce anxiety. 

For webinars, you can log in from your computer or mobile device. Please register for each event, and we’ll send you a link to log in for the live webinar.  Space is limited for workshops and webinars and may fill up.


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Our past workshops have included topics such as how to create more peace at home, teen support workshops, and dealing with anxiety. We welcome your feedback and requests for workshops! Let us know what workshop you’d like us to offer.

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