Jeffrey Bright, LCSW

You may have heard of ‘brain training’ to boost intelligence or memory. If your child has ADHD, there’s a type of brain training some researchers think may improve focus and help other ADHD symptoms too. It’s called neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback.

I was born and raised in Evanston, WY. In 1996 I served a mission for the LDS (Mormon) church in Chicago, IL. I married Casherie, in 2004 and am the proud father of 4 children.  Casherie and I met while working with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Utah. Both of us are social workers at heart.

At the time of my parent’s divorce, I was 22 years old, living in Provo, UT, studying television/radio broadcasting. I wanted to be the next Walter Cronkite. Even though I loved being on television and the radio, I wasn’t deeply passionate about it. My parents’ divorce put me in a place of deep contemplation of how can I make a difference in the world?

That is when I decided to change my major to Child and Family Studies and pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work.

After 8 months of marriage, Casherie and I became group home parents of 10 teenage girls with Utah Youth Village (Alpine Academy). I’m not so sure I would recommend anyone taking on 10 teen girls with behavior problems after 8 months of being married!

We survived and for the most part we were pretty good parents to those girls as they sought treatment. Oh, did I mention that was also doing a full-time internship at the same time and graduated with my Master’s in Social Work from University of Utah in 2008? After a couple of years of being group home parents, we decided to get a place of our own, but we still wanted to help children struggling with their behavior and emotions, so we decided to become foster parents.

Some people think that foster parents get to have cute little babies in their home. Our experience was far from that. Since we had the reputation of working with tough kids…well, those are the type of kids we got. We worked with the kids that should have been placed in group homes, but DCFS wanted them in a home setting instead.

While being foster parents, I received promotions in my day job with Utah Youth Village. I transitioned from Intake Coordinator to Foster Care Supervisor to Group Home Supervisor to Residential Director and then Clinical/Day Treatment Director. I loved my job at Utah Youth Village, but I always had a small itch in the back of my mind to start my own practice.

In 2009, I started my private practice in mental health counseling, meeting with clients in the evenings and weekends, after putting a full day’s work at my day job. In September 2015, I decided to take my private practice full-time. Within 11 months, Casherie and I grew our practice to include four other therapists.

I received my full clinical license in 2010.  Years of training and expereinces filled my time.  One of my training experiences was with with Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., a world-renowned trauma expert. Over the years, I also present on topics of Effective Trauma Treatment for Children and Connecting With Your Teen at state and national Conferences.

Nationally Certified in Neurofeedback Since 2009

In 2009, I took the small plunge and started my private therapy practice meeting with clients in the evenings and weekends, still maintaining my day job. My private practice grew and grew. Some days I worked from 7 am to 9 pm (not a good way to raise young children and be a supportive husband).

I studied neurofeedback during the same time. My wife had severe post-partum depression, and we were exploring alternative ways to decrease her depression. This is when I discovered the awesome power of neurofeedback. I was one of the first providers to become board-certified in neurofeedback in Utah and am among the most experienced in Utah at using neurofeedback to help children and adults train their brains to work better.

In 2011, I left my day job, and my wife and I started a group therapy practice with a focus of helping children with trauma. Every turn is a new adventure.  As one of only a few nationally certified neurofeedback providers in the state, I’m plowing the path for people to heal from trauma and behavioral/emotional problems in a natural, permanent way. As a father of 4 children (2 of whom we adopted), a husband to a kind and wonderful woman, and owner of a group practice with amazing and very skilled therapists, I am living my lifelong passion.

Current Work and Projects

During 2016-2018, I was being directed to work more with adults, specifically military adults and family members who sacrifice their time, skills, and lives to protect our freedom. I started the process to commission with the US Air Force…3 times. Each time, the application process was interrupted by something signficant that kept me in Utah. In February 2019, I was given the opportunity to help militiary members without being an active duty service member. I found a leader to continue our group practice in Utah and moved my family across the world to help military members in Germany.

I worked with the Air Force and Army Family Advocacy program in Germany for about 3 years. In 2021, we moved back to the states and I currently work with the US Navy at Headquarters in Washington DC, supporting military men/women and their families against the indecency of intimate partner violence and child abuse.  What an adventure it has been 🙂. I love continuing the same work I did in Utah with military members and their families abroad and state-side. I continue to consult with my team members in Utah and I am quite active in the business of running the private practice in Utah and Maryland. I am grateful for the loving support of Casherie and my family.  We have had  our crazy adventures and I am able to step one foot in Utah and the other in Maryland to help our communities.

Coming Out and Living Authentically

After 20 years of marriage and supporting 4 children, it was time for me to live authentically.  Since my teenage years, I knew I was attracted to men, but it wasn’t something I was allowed to explore while living in a conservative town and expected to live by Mormon doctrine.  My extended family was very close to the Mormon faith and I know that exploring my attractions would bring dissapointment to my family, plus I was taught I would go to hell if I explore any homosexual feelings/behaviors.  So, I kept it all in the closet for 30 years, with a very tight lock and no key.  Before I married Casherie, I talked with her about my same sex attractions and we both agreed that with faith and living the gospel of Jesus Christ, we could live happily ever after and my sexuality would change.  It was a rocky marriage.  But Casherie and I both kept persevering, just like our faith instructed us to do.  I sought counseling multiple times to change my thoughts and feelings toward men.  I spent many nights sobbing, praying for God to take my same sex attraction away.  Fast forward to 2023, I am still me…surprise.  I realized I can’t change the part of me that is natural and supposed to be, so with much heartache, Casherie and I separated and were divorced later in the year.

I had to unpack many many years of shame and guilt.  I buried a big part of me in a small closet in the back of mind for over 45 years.  When I decided to “come out” as being gay, I felt terrified, cautious, liberated, and finally at peace.  Nothing in this world, heaven, or universe, could lead me to the feeling of being at peace when I live my authentic self.  Now, it’s my passion, drive, and life mission to help others who are on the same journey.  If you are not sure who you are, how you want to live life, or where to find true happiness?  Give me a call, I can help.  801-896-4151.

What Others Say About Jeff

“Jeff is an experienced therapist who is able to help even the ‘toughest’ teenage and young adult clients. He is skilled with working with juveniles who have sexually problematic behaviors (NOJOS) and has specialized training in treating trauma. He has helped clients who have been very difficult and assumed to never be able to be adopted or have positive relationships be able to be adopted and form healthy and loving relationships with parents.

“He uses a brain-based approach to understand what each child or teenager needs. He has helped many young adults and teenagers make critical life changes that have led them to be successful adults. He has also been helpful with marriages and individual adults finding peace and happiness among the chaos of anxiety and mood problems.” ~ Casherie Bright

Jeffrey and Casherie Bright founded the group therapy practice Utah NeuroTherapy Center LLC in 2010, also known as Bright Counseling. Jeff is a leader in the innovative, effective use of neurotherapy for body and mind healing. He is skilled at helping teenagers and adults who have experienced shame and emotional or mood problems. His practice is based in the State of Utah and Maryland, and serves many clients in Davis and Weber County including in Layton, Clearfield, Syracuse, West Point, Roy, Ogden, South Ogden, Riverdale, Kaysville, and Clinton. Contact Jeff at 801-896-4151 or .