7 Benefits of Brain-Based Mental Health Therapy

What makes Neurofeedback and Counseling of Utah unique? Why should you care that we use a brain-based approach to improving mental health for children and adults?

Here are 7 reasons you can benefit from our brain-based program. To learn more, call us at 801-855-7999.

  1. Your treatment is customized just for you for better healing. We use in-depth mental health assessments from the Amen Clinics combined with QEEG brain imaging to go beyond your visible symptoms to more accurately assess exactly what the core issues are and treat those issues.
  2. Our goal is long-term healing. Because we look at the core issues of trauma and emotional and behavioral difficulties, we seek beyond short-term fixes such as relying only medications. While medications are helpful and often needful, some clients find they can reduce or eliminate the need for medication. (We work in conjunction with your doctor and do not recommend you stop or change your dosage without consulting your doctor.)
  3. We consider the needs of the whole person and use multiple approaches for better healing. Our neurotherapy program combines counseling, mindfulness, and neurofeedback brain training in one session.
  4. Many clients using neurofeedback report that they sleep better, usually within 6-10 sessions but sometimes after just the first session.
  5. Clients report feeling calmer, more peaceful, more able to relax, less overwhelmed and feeling in better control of their emotions.
  6. Anxiety symptoms are greatly reduced.
  7. Children and adults are able to focus better at home, school and at work.