Adoptive Parent Facebook Group

Are you an adoptive parent dealing with parenting challenges? We work with many adoptive and foster parents, and we understand your challenges. We host a private Facebook group where you can post questions and seek support from other parents. And our therapists will stop by from time to time to answer questions as well.

We have a special focus on counseling children, adolescents and teenagers, including those who have been adopted or are in foster care. We work directly with several foster care agencies and have helped many children to more forward despite the challenges of the past. We seek to help them develop better relationships and have a brighter future. Our founders, Jeff and Casherie Bright, have devoted years to working with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Utah Youth Village.

Who Are We?

We are mental health therapists focused on helping children heal emotionally and improve their behavior. We specialize in helping those who have experienced psychological trauma and who deal with emotional difficulties and mood disorders.
Our brain-based approach is unique because we combine talk therapy with neurofeedback (or neurotherapy) for more effective, faster treatment. Symptoms of trauma may include avoidance, hypervigilence, emotional difficulties, anxiety, and depression. While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life.
We provide compassionate counseling and make it even more effective by combining it with neurofeedback and sensory integration. We are located in Clearfield, Utah, and serve many clients in surrounding areas including Ogden, Layton, Syracuse, Roy, Clinton and West Point.

We Love Kids

We understand the unique challenges these children and their foster parents or adopted parents face. We always seek to support parents in addition to providing therapy for their children. Please talk to us if you’re struggling as a parent or know your child is hurting and needs more help. You are also welcome to attend one of our Parent Support Workshops.  
If you seek additional help dealing with family challenges after adoption, we offer a consultation to see if we’re the right fit for you or your child. Call us at 801-855-7999.

Strengthen the brain using neurofeedback training & other therapy interventions.

Providing Hi-Tech fitness training for the Brain along with therapy for the body, can improve focus, attention, self confidence, relaxation, greater coping skills, and better sleep.