Now offering Telehealth for $25 a session

We recognize that times are tough. The COVID pandemic has swept across the world and unemployment is on the rise. Now, is not the time to neglect your emotional health. We get it!

We are now offering virtual therapy appointments for only $25 (offer ends March 31st)Due to licensing rules, we can only serve people who are in the State of Utah and Maryland.

There is no need to use your insurance, for only $25 you will receive a virtual one on one therapy session with a clinical professional, starting right away. There is no need to add to your stress by seeking help through expensive counselors. With us, you can talk with a therapist for 45-50 minutes for only $25. To schedule your first virtual appointment now, call us at 801-855-7999 or send an email to

Times are tough, now is the time to get help and support to feel and to BE at the top of your game.  It’s difficult doing things alone, online therapy with a mental health professional can ease the burdens of what you are facing.  

We help people who are facing challenges and stress from a poor relationship, grief, poor work/life balance, anxiety, adhd, and/or depression.

Call us at 801-855-7999 to schedule your first virtual therapy session.  We can get you scheduled in just a few days. 

For additional questions, please reach out to us.  801-855-7999 or email us at

Strengthen the brain using neurofeedback training & other therapy interventions.

Providing Hi-Tech fitness training for the Brain along with therapy for the body, can improve focus, attention, self confidence, relaxation, greater coping skills, and better sleep.